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  • From one to three nights stay 15% discount of the accommodation
  • From four to ten nights stay 20% discount of the accommodation
  • For more than ten nights up to a mounth stay 30% discount of the accommodation
  • For minimum a month stay 50% discount of the accommodation.
ROOM FULL PRICE 15% 20% 30% 50%
Exactly 1/1F 6.255,oo 5.367,oo 5.071,oo 4.479,oo 3.295,oo
Exactly 1/2F 6.990,oo 6.042,oo 5.726,oo 5.094,oo 3.830,oo
Superior 1/1F 6.655,oo 5.707,oo 5.391,oo 4.759,oo 3.495,oo
Superior 1/2F 7.390,oo 6.382,oo 6.046,oo 5.374,oo 4.030,oo
Exclusive - for two 11.410,oo 9.799,oo 9.262,oo 8.188,oo 6.040,oo
Comfort - for two 8.810,oo 7.589,oo 7.182,oo 6.368,oo 4.740,oo
Normal 1/1 3.655oo 3.157,oo 2.991,oo 2.659,oo 1.995,oo
Classic 1/1F 5.255,oo 4.517,oo 4.271,oo 3.779,oo 2.795,oo
Classic 1/2F 5.990,oo 5.192,oo 4.926,oo 4.394,oo 3.330,oo
Standard - for two 7.110,oo 6.144,oo 5.822,oo 5.178,oo 3.890,oo
Sport - for three 8.965,oo 7.771,oo 7.373,oo 6.577,oo 4.985,oo

 These are the prices for BB.


  • Daily menu ( soup, main course, salad and bread) 500,oo RSD
  • One pansion meal ( soup, main course, salad, bread and dessert) 900,oo RSD


  • Rent the Small conference room ( daily rent ) 7.900,oo RSD
  • Rent the Big conference room ( daily rent ) 14.900,oo RSD


  • Usage of the room between 10am and 6pm is counted as day rest and have lower price
  • There is 3 kind of day rest:
    • -Day rest "CLASSIC"
      (in "Classic" or "Standard" rooms), ,
    • -Day rest "SUPERIOR"
      (in "Exactly" or "Superior"),
    • - Day rest "EXCLUSIVE"
      (in suits "Exclusive").